How to get away with PMS: Cream Chocolate Chip Rock Buns

How to get away with PMS: Cream Chocolate Chip Rock Buns

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Disclaimer: I might rant a little…#justsaying. Happy Valentines day for those who are celebrating it. For those who might be battling a force of nature around this time, your celebration of valentines day might be clouded by a guest the world has named PMS. So I am going to share with you the perfect medicine to get away with PMS like it doesn’t exist: Cream Chocolate Chip Rock Buns.How do they work?” you may ask, well, stick around, and I’ll explain the logic to you.

My Kitchen Nightmares: Basmati Buzz-kill

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Once upon a time I was doing too much… well, that’s how the story usually goes when kitchen fails like this happen. So I saw a picture on Pinterest (I know, feel free to judge), which happens to be one of my favorite inspiration/craving sites, and I stumbled upon a cilantro lime rice picture. Cilantro lime rice, simple right? Well leave it to me to complicate a simple recipe.


The picture doesn’t even tell the full scale of this kitchen nightmare. It all began when I decided to use Basmati rice (key in dramatic music)…

My Kitchen Nightmares: Sucky Duck Wings

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So I’ve been MIA, but I’ve definitely been in the kitchen cooking up a storm. I generally prefer to test my recipes before sharing them, so I have some interesting recipes coming up this week.

But before I share my delicious kitchen conquests, I thought I should share my major defeats… here’s introducing you to my kitchen nightmares! A collection of some of my biggest kitchen fails and facepalm moments.

First up… Sucky Duck Wings


The Story: While I’m not new to ingredients at most grocery stores, I was browsing my local Asian grocery store, and I found some duck wings on sale for $0.99/ pound, and I got very excited. In my mind duck=gourmet= great recipes. Well, I was super wrong. These wings were a mega flop! They were dry and flavorless with barely any meat on them. I later found out that duck wings are far from gourmet, they are like the least appealing part of the bird to cook (some story about their wings not being so tender because they fly and stuff). Well, duck wings are still “on sale” for $0.99 at my local Asian grocery store, but I will not be bringing them home with me anytime soon.

Second on the list of kitchen fails: Short-bread flats…


While this recipe tasted great, it looked very ugly. I have since learned how to make better looking short breads (recipe coming soon), but while I was trying out my first recipe, this mess came out of the oven. It’s a good thing I was hungry though; I ate all the evidence crushed up as an ice-cream topping (not all at once).

I have many more kitchen disaster stories, let me know if you want to hear them.

So Jim Gaffigan Is Writing A Book About Food… Made From Food?

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