Nigerian Afang Soup: A Delicious Ibibio Vegetable Stew

Nigerian Afang soup, eaten by Efik and Ibibio people of Nigeria is a delicious stew made with Afang leaves and a leafy vegetable locally called waterleaf.

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If you have been following yummy medley for a while, and have managed to escape a trip to your African market, this recipe is going to push you to go there, and trust me, this dish is worth the trip. Get on google and look up “African grocery stores near me”, and get ready to take a trip to flavortown. For Africans already familiar with African grocery stores, or for those who live in the great continent already, this for you should be a simple trip for you, now let’s jump into my delicious Nigerian Afang Soup recipe.

Vegan Lemon Poppy Seed Loaf Cake

vegan lemon poppy seed loaf cake - 3 delicious slices of loaf and lemon cake on grill

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One of the biggest achievements of vegan week in the yummy medley kitchen was learning how to cook a variety of veggies deliciously, but honestly, one of our biggest recipe hits, was this vegan lemon poppy seed loaf cake. I have always loved loaf cakes, but it has been quite the chore to replicate them without eggs in general since I do not eat eggs. Well, this time around, my recipe worked and produced this delicious vegan lemon poppy seed loaf which were so good they were quite the hit with many of my friends who were unable to tell them apart from usual lemon cakes.

Vegan Plantain Bread/Cake: Easy and Irresistible

Easy and Mouthwatering Vegan Plantain Bread - 3 loaves and bread

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So we started vegan week in my house on the 14th of August, and it was much more delicious than we anticipated. One of the biggest goals of vegan week for me was learning how to cook plant-based dishes without using any animal products. I will talk about that a little later. For now, one of the delicious treats we had for vegan week was this delicious plantain bread (also known as plantain cake). Plantain bread is a sweet plantain flavored bread with an almost cake like texture (the reason some call them plantain cakes) but having a somewhat coarser and firmer consistency than normal cakes (which is why they are also referred to as breads).

Sweet Ghana Sugar Bread Rolls: Easy and Homemade

Ghana Sugar Bread Rolls - 5 bread rolls in picnic basket with one broken open

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Ghana Sugar Bread (or sweet bread) is a sweet dense and chewy textured bread commonly eaten in Ghana. Other West Africans eat similar versions of this bread as well (for instance agege bread in Nigeria), and the recipe that I am sharing is  tweak-able to cater to your taste.

Nigerian Akara: West African Black Eyed Pea Fritters

Nigerian Akara: West African Black Eyed Pea Fritters - Akara fresh from fryer

The other day I shared my recipe for Moi moi, and if you recall, I said that Moi moi was one of my favorites, but that I had other dishes that were also on my favorite list. Akara is another favorite of mine and is quite easy to make. Nigerian Akara is similar to Moi moi, but unlike Moi moi that is steamed, Akara are fried black eyed pea fritters. The texture and taste of Akara and Moi moi are worlds apart, but they use very similar ingredients.

Moi Moi Recipe: Steamed Black Eyed Peas Pudding

Not too long ago, if you asked me what my favorite food was, I would have said Moi moi, hands down. Nowadays, I have a handful of favorite foods, but Moi moi remains close to the top of the list. Moi moi (also called moin moin) is a  delicious, savory steamed bean pudding made commonly in Nigeria from a mixture of blended black eyed peas or beans, peppers, onions, and spices.  This moi moi recipe uses smoked trout in the Moi moi, but you can switch it out for any other cooked fish, corned beef, boiled eggs, or omit the animal protein altogether and make it vegan.

Groundnut Soup (Spicy Nigerian Peanut Stew)

Groundnut Soup (Spicy Nigerian Peanut Stew) - Delicious groundnut stew dished with three wraps of eba

Groundnut soup is what peanut stew is commonly called in Nigeria. It is a nutty, savory, spicy and totally delicious peanut stew usually eaten with a starch like rice or eba. Peanut stews differ considerably by region, so I look forward to sharing with everyone my discoveries of its different variations. I tasted my first groundnut soup as a child in Lagos, Nigeria and… it was terrible! It was really bad guys, I can’t lie. After that first time, it was years till I found my love for groundnut soup or peanut stew again. Let me tell you the story…

Chapman Drink: Nigeria’s Favorite Mocktail

Nigerias Favorite Mocktail Chapman Drink - made with blackcurrant, orange soda, angustora bitters, orange and pickles, a cup is hard to resist

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The first time I had a Chapman drink, I must have been about 10 years old, and it was at a place called Ikoyi Club in Lagos, Nigeria. Ikoyi club was somewhat of a country club back in the day, and it was the fun spot for me and my sisters to hang out and participate in a bunch of fun activities. Back then, we would always order food and drinks, and while we kids got to have the soda of our choice, my parents always ordered Chapman.

Crunchy Shrimp Roll (Firecracker Shrimp)

Crunchy Shrimp Roll (Firecracker Shrimp) - Firecracker shrimp is a fun, delicious and crunchy shrimp roll that's commonly served as an appetizer or "small chops" in weddings and parties

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When I was a kid, I remember my dad going to a fancy supermarket and buying a pack of frozen spring rolls, crunchy shrimp rolls (also known as firecracker shrimps), and samosas. He would bring them home and all we needed to do was fry them and serve them. In our minds, we all pretended it was special guest food, but in all honesty, we would fry them up every now and then when my parents were in the mood. My favorite of the lot was the crunchy shrimp roll, so I had to figure out how to make them myself. To the uninitiated,  crunchy shrimp roll is a delicious combination of shrimp wrapped in a thin starch wrap (like a spring roll wrap) that’s commonly served as an appetizer or “small chops” as we Nigerians like to call it in our parties. They’re usually called firecracker shrimps because of the satisfyingly crisp snap and crackle that comes out of biting into one.

Zobo Berry Coconut Popsicle

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For the fourth of July, my family and I are going to be heading to one of our friend’s places for an all-day celebration and there will be lots of food. Anyone who knows Africans know that whenever we get together with lots of food there is always a major variety. I decided that instead of bringing something typical like rice or some type of spicy meat dish, I wanted to bring something theme appropriate to fourth of July by fusing Zobo (aka hibiscus)  with coconut, strawberries and blueberries to create a fantastic  Zobo Berry Coconut Popsicle.

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