Jerk Turkey Wings: A Delicious Holiday Alternative

These delicious Jerk turkey wings are an alternative take on classic thanksgiving turkey that’ll have you and your family and friends craving for more!

Jerk Turkey Wings

Recently, I visited New York for a mini culinary exploration, and if you have been following me on Instagram (you should if you aren’t) you would have seen that one of the culinary highlights of my mini vacation was in Crown Heights. Crown Heights (specifically Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn) is home to what in my opinion is the best Caribbean food in New York, and I might even say in the U.S. I am not 100 percent certain of course, but I challenge you to tell me of a neighborhood with better Caribbean food… mind you this won’t be easy as I have sampled a large variety of Caribbean foods from a ton of other neighborhoods! The diversity of Caribbean culture there is also quite refreshing, there is a Bajan restaurant next to a Jamaican restaurant, a few steps away from a Trini bakery; I could go on and on. This trip inspired one of the dishes I will be serving for Thanksgiving this year: Jerk turkey wings, in a delicious alternative take on thanksgiving turkey that will have you and your friends craving for more!

Jerk Mushroom Medley Pizza with Homemade Jerk

This Jerk Spiced Mushroom Pizza uses amazing flavors of homemade jerk sauce, combines it with a medley of mushrooms to produce the best mushroom pizza ever!

Jerk Mushroom Medley pizza Close Up

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For people trying to avoid eating meat, Jerk chicken might not always be an option for you, but that does not mean you have to miss out on the amazing flavor that Jerk has to offer. This jerk mushroom medley pizza uses the amazing flavors of jerk sauce, and combines it with a mushroom medley of button, oyster, straw and portabella/portobello mushrooms to produce the best tasting mushroom pizza you’ve ever had. If you love jerk and pizza, then you need to try this delicious recipe.

Mixed Berry & Hibiscus Coconut Milk Popsicles

For this dish I fused hibiscus tea (zobo)  with coconut, strawberries and blueberries to create these fantastic Mixed Berry & Hibiscus Coconut Milk Popsicles.

Mixed Berry & Hibiscus Coconut Milk Popsicles - hand holding a delicious popsicle up

For the fourth of July, my family and I are going to be heading to one of our friend’s places for an all-day celebration and there will be lots of food. Anyone who knows Africans know that whenever we get together with lots of food, you will always have lots of variety. I decided that instead of bringing something typical like rice or some type of spicy meat dish, I wanted to bring something theme appropriate to fourth of July, celebrating the beloved red white and blue by fusing Zobo (aka hibiscus tea or Sorrel)  with coconut milk, strawberries and blueberries to create these fantastic, vegan, mixed berry and hibiscus coconut milk popsicles (try saying that 5 times fast).

Zobo Drink: Hibiscus/Sorrel/Karkade Iced Tea with a Twist

As the weather warms up, step up your iced tea game with this refreshing zobo drink, a hibiscus/sorrel/karkade iced tea perfect to welcome spring and summer

Zobo drink - Refreshing and Tasty!

The weather is finally warming up after a frigid winter. The cherry blossom festival in DC starts officially on March 27th this year, and the signs of spring with the blooming flowers are already evident all around me. This put me in the mood for a refreshing childhood favorite of mine: Zobo drink, a delicious drink made from hibiscus dry leaves.

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