Vegan Chocolate Chip Rock Cakes (Rock Buns)

A vegan version of a classic favorite, these Chocolate Chip Rock Cakes are a baked treat made with coconut, chocolate chips, no dairy or eggs and all love!

Vegan Chocolate Chip Rock Cakes - Stacked in Focus

Snacks, Sweets & Desserts | August 4, 2017 | By

Before I jump into this recipe, some of you might ask… “What are Rock Cakes?” I got the same question from my co-wokers when I brought these treats to my office, Christmas potluck. They are like a British/ Jamaican cross between a cookie and a cake. Traditionally, rock cakes or rock buns, are a baked cake-cookie treat that are made with coconut and raisins/ currants. The “rock” in the name comes from the slightly crunchy texture on the outside of the cake, further enhanced by the coconut. These chocolate chip rock cakes preserves everything in the original but the currants and enhances the delicious taste without even using dairy or eggs!

Quail Egg Scotch Eggs with Homemade Sausage

This recipe uses homemade sausage meat, and quail eggs to create the tastiest scotch eggs for you egg lovers out there and the cutest for everyone else!

As most Yummy Medley readers may have already picked up, I do not eat eggs! I have attempted to try them sometime in the past, but it came back up each time, and I have since developed a stronger aversion to them. My husband on the other hand eats eggs, and since we have been married, I have only cooked eggs for him once or twice, with this recipe being the third time. He is extremely lucky to have a wife that loves to cook, so he doesn’t complain at all or miss eggs (his words, not mine). Whenever he has an egg craving (which is usually never), he would either make it himself (since I have prohibited almost all my kitchen equipment from touching eggs he usually never tries), or he gets his fix outside. So why did I decide to make quail egg scotch eggs…? Well, it is a combination of things, but everyone (including two of my sisters, my husband) that tried it loved it, so it was a success. So in this recipe, I will share with egg lovers and haters (like me) how to make perfect cute little quail egg scotch eggs, no egg tasting required!

East African Lamb Sambusas/Samosas

There is a lot of Indian and Middle eastern influence in Africa, and in East Africa, these crispy and addictive Sambusas are the African sisters of Samosas.

East African Lamb Sambusas/Samosas - Addictive and delicious!

Hello my people! Mother’s day here in the U.S. is fast approaching, and for mother’s day brunch, I wanted to make something easy, delicious and something that reminded me of home. Typical  brunch food seemed rather boring to me, so I pulled out my “small chops” hand book. There is a lot of Indian and Middle eastern influence in Africa, and in East Africa, these Sambusas are the African sisters of Samosas. They are essentially the same thing, but in a lot of east African countries, meat is added to the filling. I have had Sambusas/Samosas with potatoes and meat, with rice and meat , and like in this case, with peas and meat.

Nigerian Meat Pie: Savory Beef Hand Pies

Nigerian meat pie, one of my favorite hand pie recipes somewhat similar to empanadas can be made with different types of meat. Perfect for sharing.

Nigerian Meat pie: Savory Beef Hand Pies - served and delicious!

Savory, Snacks, West African | March 30, 2017 | By

I know  π (pi) day is well behind us, March 14th (3.14), but today, I will be sharing one of my favorite savory pie recipes (pun only slightly intended): Nigerian meat pie. These Nigerian meat pies are beef hand pies that are delicious snacks and make for a quick yet hearty lunch . They are better made in bulk because they vanish quickly! This recipe may take a little bit of time, but it is  quite delicious and totally worth it. Whenever I bring this snack to an office party it’s always a hit. I may substitute the beef with different types of meat, depending on what I have available,  and it always turns out just as great.

These Nigerian meat pies are best eaten warm as a snack, and make a perfect potluck dish.

Nigerian Buns Recipe (without Eggs or Dairy)

This recipe shows how to Make Nigerian Buns without dairy or eggs, and with a touch of spice, they’re fluffier, taste so much better and are hard to resist!

How to Make Nigerian Buns - Three buns in focus with others in background

A while back, I shared my puff puff  recipe and while I raved about my love for those drop donuts, I have a new fried love: Nigerian buns. It might be because there is no wait time for the mixture to rise, or that I prefer the texture in general, but I currently prefer Nigerian buns over puff puff any day. Now, this love is kind of complicated because I generally do not like the way buns is prepared sometimes. I like the simple and easy version of buns, no milk, no eggs. Eggs change the texture of buns to one I find undesirable, and milk gives it an odd flavor that I personally do not prefer. This recipe shows how to make Nigerian buns without dairy, eggs or any fuss and yet still get that fluffy texture and great taste!

Secrets to a stable and flaky meat pie crust

After countless trials, I can finally present to you the best, fail-proof secrets to a stable yet flaky meat pie crust that will elevate any meat pie recipe!

Secrets to a stable and flaky meat pie crust - The anatomy of a stable and flaky meat pie crust

I don’t know about you guys, but I am often very disappointed with the meat pie offerings at many of our African parties or weddings.  Eagerly anticipating the promise of various finger foods or “small chops” as we call them, I quickly spot the meat pie stash on a tray and proceed to grab one with the promise of the savory meaty goodness, only to bite into a mediocre filling and bready crust. Since my last meat pie recipe (which I admit was a bit standard… still great, but not a knock out), I have been toiling in the kitchen to achieve the best fail-proof meat pie recipe with the most delicate, flaky meat pie crust which still stays whole and stable in your hand. My personal requirements for perfection are:

  • A stable meat pie crust. I have no problems with flaky crusts especially since I am used to making flaky puff pastry, but I need the crust to be more stable. Regular puff pastry would be too delicate for this recipe most of the time.
  • Flaky meat pie crust. I also need the crust to be light and airy. I love meat pies, but tough dough pies are not my speed.

Guguru and Epa (Spicy Popcorn and Peanuts): Lagos Street Food

Locally called Guguru and Epa, or Guguru ati Epa, this absolutely addictive popcorn and peanuts snack is one of the simplest African recipes out there.

Guguru and Epa (Spicy Popcorn and Peanuts): Lagos Street Food traditionally wrapped in newspaper with a sprinkle of pepper

We’ll be traveling to the heart of Lagos, Nigeria for this recipe right here. Locally called Guguru and Epa, or Guguru ati Epa, this absolutely addictive popcorn-peanut snack is one of the simplest African recipes out there. Who needs gourmet popcorn? Lets go to the streets of Lagos in honor of National Popcorn day.

Cameroonian Fish Rolls

Crisp on the outside, soft on the inside; these scrumptious fish rolls are a great Cameroonian snack that goes perfect with tea.

Cameroonian Fish Rolls - Plated and Ready

When I had fish rolls as a kid they sucked! My mom never made fish rolls, and the ones that I bought from street vendors and fancy restaurants sucked! Then I grew up and made friends from Cameroon that made awesome fish rolls; nothing like what I had as a kid. A perfect combination of a crisp and light crust with a savory fish filling. Let me tell you the story of how I shifted from hating fish rolls and share the recipe that made me fall in love with them.

9 Secrets to Extra Crispy Sweet Plantain Chips Every Time

Here are secrets to fool proof extra crispy plantain chips. These easy tips work all the time so save your money and leave the store bought plantain chips.

Plantain chips are one of my favorite snacks. I would choose sweet plantain chips over my favorite salt and vinegar potato chips any day, and if I am not too careful sometimes I can eat too much. For years now I tried to make plantain chips at home, just like my mom used to make them, but I was never successful until recently. Along the way, I picked up a few tips and tricks after my many failed attempts that are guaranteed to get crispy plantain chips every time. Trust me on this one, I’ve messed up enough times to know.

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