Vegan Lemon Poppy Seed Loaf Cake

This delicious vegan lemon poppy seed loaf cake with homemade lemon glaze was so good, all my friends were unable to tell them apart from usual lemon cakes.

vegan lemon poppy seed loaf cake - 3 delicious slices of loaf and lemon cake on grill

One of the biggest achievements of vegan week in the yummy medley kitchen was learning how to cook a variety of veggies deliciously, but honestly, one of our biggest recipe hits, was this vegan lemon poppy seed loaf cake. I have always loved loaf cakes, but it has been quite the chore to replicate them without eggs in general since I do not eat eggs. Well, this time around, my recipe worked and produced this delicious vegan lemon poppy seed loaf which were so good they were quite the hit with many of my friends who were unable to tell them apart from usual lemon cakes.

Vegan Plantain Bread/Cake: Easy and Irresistible

This delicious vegan plantain bread contains no eggs or dairy, yet tasted much better than banana bread and is certain to appeal to even non-vegans like me!

Easy and Mouthwatering Vegan Plantain Bread - 3 loaves and bread

So we started vegan week in my house on the 14th of August, and it was much more delicious than we anticipated. One of the biggest goals of vegan week for me was learning how to cook plant-based dishes without using any animal products. I will talk about that a little later. For now, one of the delicious treats we had for vegan week was this delicious plantain bread (also known as plantain cake). Plantain bread is a sweet plantain flavored bread with an almost cake like texture (the reason some call them plantain cakes) but having a somewhat coarser and firmer consistency than normal cakes (which is why they are also referred to as breads).

Vegan Chocolate Chip Rock Cakes (Rock Buns)

A vegan version of a classic favorite, these Chocolate Chip Rock Cakes are a baked treat made with coconut, chocolate chips, no dairy or eggs and all love!

Vegan Chocolate Chip Rock Cakes - Stacked in Focus

Snacks, Sweets & Desserts | August 4, 2017 | By

Before I jump into this recipe, some of you might ask… “What are Rock Cakes?” I got the same question from my co-wokers when I brought these treats to my office, Christmas potluck. They are like a British/ Jamaican cross between a cookie and a cake. Traditionally, rock cakes or rock buns, are a baked cake-cookie treat that are made with coconut and raisins/ currants. The “rock” in the name comes from the slightly crunchy texture on the outside of the cake, further enhanced by the coconut. These chocolate chip rock cakes preserves everything in the original but the currants and enhances the delicious taste without even using dairy or eggs!

The Best Black Forest Cake Ever

This deliciously decadent black forest cake is a moist chocolate cake with a sweet cherry filling, frosted with whipped cream. Does that not sound yummy?

Best Black Forest Cake Ever!

Sweets & Desserts | June 2, 2017 | By

As a self proclaimed recipe developer ( I generally do not like that title, but bear with me), I try my possible best not to label my recipes in absolutes. For one, it indicates a finality that I generally do not feel comfortable declaring, and secondly, I would like to think that recipes that have attained the finality stage are being saved for my grandchildren, a cookbook, or something ultra special, like this  blog…. sometimes. So, labeling this black forest cake “The Best Black Forest Cake Ever” took a lot out of me… a lot of delicious sounds.

Coconut Caramel Cake: Moist and Delicious!

I made my favorite cake combination dedicated to all the “not yet moms” like me: a deliciously moist and mouth watering coconut caramel cake.

Coconut Caramel Cake: Moist and Delicious!

Sweets & Desserts | May 10, 2017 | By

It is almost Mother’s Day! I would like to say this coconut caramel cake is to celebrate all the moms for being “super woman” and I would also like to say this cake is dedicated to all the moms in my life; but no, this cake is dedicated to all the “not yet moms” of this world; not yet moms like me. So since I am dedicating this cake to myself essentially, I made my favorite combination. Here’s my recipe for a deliciously moist and mouth watering coconut caramel cake.


Thiakry is a sweet, creamy and mildly tangy dessert that is mostly native to Senegal and Gambia. I tried it out with real millet grains, and it was perfect!

The first time I saw Thiakry (pronounced cha-kry) at a Senegalese restaurant, I won’t lie, I kind of gave it a side eye. It looked like a boring porridge that was another version of tapioca, and I was guessed that I would not like it… was  I extra wrong. My friend who grew up eating Senegalese food was there with me, and ignored my skepticism and ordered the Thiakry anyway. Thank God for food envy, my longathroat led me to try her Thiakry, and I was sold since then.

Moroccan Ras El Hanout Spiced Carrot Cake

Try out this amazing Ras El Hanout spiced carrot cake recipe and I dare you to tell me if this is not the best spiced carrot cake you have had!

Moroccan Ras El Hanout Spiced Carrot Cake

Sweets & Desserts | April 12, 2017 | By

If you’ve been following me closely, you might notice my special fascination with Moroccan food. I want to share with you all one of the reasons for my obsession before I jump into this Moroccan Spiced Carrot cake recipe. Like I said in my previous post, I really enjoy Moroccan food, so I just had to supplement this spiced carrot cake recipe with something from one of my sentimental favorites. So, short story, one of my favorite shows to watch is Andrew Zimmern’s Bizzare Foods, and my favorite episode was when he visited Morocco. Ever since the day I saw that episode, I always wanted to visit Morocco. I have not gotten the chance to yet, but I have certainly started to explore the beautiful culture and food already. My husband had a private floor of a Moroccan beautifully decorated restaurant set up to propose to me… so when I say that I love Moroccan food, it is quite sentimental to me.

Nigerian Buns Recipe (without Eggs or Dairy)

This recipe shows how to Make Nigerian Buns without dairy or eggs, and with a touch of spice, they’re fluffier, taste so much better and are hard to resist!

How to Make Nigerian Buns - Three buns in focus with others in background

A while back, I shared my puff puff  recipe and while I raved about my love for those drop donuts, I have a new fried love: Nigerian buns. It might be because there is no wait time for the mixture to rise, or that I prefer the texture in general, but I currently prefer Nigerian buns over puff puff any day. Now, this love is kind of complicated because I generally do not like the way buns is prepared sometimes. I like the simple and easy version of buns, no milk, no eggs. Eggs change the texture of buns to one I find undesirable, and milk gives it an odd flavor that I personally do not prefer. This recipe shows how to make Nigerian buns without dairy, eggs or any fuss and yet still get that fluffy texture and great taste!

Earl Grey Tea Cake with Hibiscus Frosting

Here’s a recipe created from two of my favorite teas: an egg free earl grey tea cake with a creamy hibiscus tea (sorrel/zobo) frosting all in one cake!

Earl grey tea cake coated with hibiscus frosting

Sweets & Desserts | March 21, 2017 | By

I love cake! Can you tell? This year, I resolved to learn how to make great cakes, and this is my learning platform, so I thought I’d start with one of my favorites: an earl grey tea cake. Everyone who knows me, also knows that I absolutely love my teas. I am not talking about the simple yellow label stuff, but interesting fruit, herbal and unusual teas that have complex flavors you can enjoy without milk or sugar. Two of my favorite teas are earl grey tea and a hibiscus tea that is commonly known as ‘zobo’ in Nigeria (also called Sorrel or bissap depending on where you’re from). If you’re looking to try that out by the way, I have a recipe for some refreshing hibiscus iced tea right here.

I have tea and cake all the time, and I love both of them together not just separately, so a “stroke of genius” (not really, more like hunger) hit me one day: what is the best way to enjoy both my loves at one time? A Tea cake! Today, I am sharing the recipe created from two of my favorite teas: an earl grey tea cake with a creamy hibiscus frosting  all in one cake. The result was a delectable hibiscus frosted, earl grey tea cake, which I seriously hope you get to try because of how delicious it is. Who knew you could create something so good out of earl grey and zobo? If you end up making it, let me know how you get along. You might have to make an excess of hibiscus frosting because if you’re like me, you’ll be licking a lot of the frosting before it even gets on the cake!

3 Ingredient Cashew Crunch Candy Bars: Nkatie Inspired

These rustic, yummy, cashew candy bars inspired by Ghanaian Nkatie cakes are quite simple to make with only three ingredients yet turn out even better!

Cashew Crunch Candy Bars: Nkatie Cake Inspired - cashew candy bars in a bowl

Cashews are my husbands’ favorite nut. For someone who is not a picky eater, he has been pretty consistent on his feelings about Nkatie cake (which translates to peanut cake); he prefers them with cashews, and could care less about the original peanut version. So this recipe is especially dedicated to him. The original Nkatie cakes originating from Ghana are made with peanuts, but I substituted peanuts with cashews (because of you know who), in this recipe and came up with these cashew crunch candy bars. They turn out even better than the original in my opinion, so I guess he is onto something here.

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