Coconut Seafood Fried Rice: A Tasty Seafood Medley

This fisherman’s fried rice recipe is a delicious seafood medley made with rice, coconut milk and fresh seafood from the day’s catch.

Coconut Seafood Fried Rice (Fisherman’s Rice) - beautiful overhead shot of the entire fried rice in a wok with coconut husks on the side

I am a coastal girl. I grew up close to fishermen’s markets, and they always had their fresh catch for sale everyday. While there was no lack of customers looking to buy the fresh seafood on offer, there were usually leftovers from the day’s catch. Typically, leftover seafood is smoked and dried to prolong its shelf life, and is later sold to use in local stews and soups. Sometimes however, fishermen just ate the leftover catch of the day, especially if there was an abundance of smoked or dried seafood. This coconut seafood fried rice recipe is a rendition of one of the delicious meals that could be made with the daily leftover catch.

Thai Seafood Fried Rice

This thai seafood fried rice, which is one of my best recipes for fried rice with day old Jasmine rice is the perfect dish to impress your guests!

I could hardly get a good picture of this dish because both me and Mr. Yum were very eager to pounce on it. This thai seafood fried rice is one of my best recipes for fried rice with day old Jasmine rice… Everyone would think you slaved for this one, but it is so so easy to prepare. This is the perfect “impress your guest” dish. Share and Enjoy!!!

Spicy Pork Adobo: Simple and Delicious!

Here’s an extremely simple, inexpensive and totally delicious Filipino based spicy pork adobo recipe, which can also be made with chicken, beef or seafood.

Spicy Pork Adobo: Simple and Delicious!

One of the simplest and most delicious recipes that I have come to love is Filipino Adobo; so delicious and yet so simple and inexpensive. Although I enjoy a spicy pork adobo the most, you can use any meat available like chicken, beef or seafood.

Some adobo recipes can be super sour (which some people love), so to cut down on the sourness by a hair, I used rice vinegar instead of regular distilled vinegar, and served this dish with some avocado. Of course, in true Ms. Yum style, I added some hot peppers to give a serious kick to this dish.  Adobo is a very rich comfort dish that is going to satisfy, warm your insides and is quite nice in the cold months like fall or winter. Feel free to omit the peppers if you are going for a mild adobo, and enjoy!

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