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The first time I saw Thiakry (pronounced cha-kry) at a Senegalese restaurant, I won’t lie, I kind of gave it a side eye. It looked like a boring porridge that was another version of tapioca, and I was guessed that I would not like it… was  I extra wrong. My friend who grew up eating Senegalese food was there with me, and ignored my skepticism and ordered the Thiakry anyway. Thank God for food envy, my longathroat led me to try her Thiakry, and I was sold since then.

Sweet Ras El Hanout: Moroccan Spice Mix for Desserts

Sweet Ras El Hanout: Moroccan Spice ReMix for Desserts - ginger powder, green cardamon pods, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice berries, cloves

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Disclaimer: I know I claim to love a lot of foods and cuisines, but I am telling truth. It is the life I have come to embrace as a food enthusiast. It’s a tough life, because it means you have the most peculiar and super specific cravings sometimes. That said, I absolutely love Moroccan food! I will let you know a little later about my sentimental connection to Moroccan food. Today however, I will be sharing a remix of one of my favorite Moroccan spices to a form more suitable for sweets: my sweet Ras El Hanout spice mix!

Earl Grey Tea Cake with Hibiscus Frosting

Earl grey tea cake coated with hibiscus frosting

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I love cake! Can you tell? This year, I resolved to learn how to make great cakes, and this is my learning platform, so I thought I’d start with one of my favorites: an earl grey tea cake. Everyone who knows me, also knows that I absolutely love my teas. I am not talking about the simple yellow label stuff, but interesting fruit, herbal and unusual teas that have complex flavors you can enjoy without milk or sugar. Two of my favorite teas are earl grey tea and a hibiscus tea that is commonly known as ‘zobo’ in Nigeria (also called Sorrel or bissap depending on where you’re from). If you’re looking to try that out by the way, I have a recipe for some refreshing hibiscus iced tea right here.

I have tea and cake all the time, and I love both of them together not just separately, so a “stroke of genius” (not really, more like hunger) hit me one day: what is the best way to enjoy both my loves at one time? A Tea cake! Today, I am sharing the recipe created from two of my favorite teas: an earl grey tea cake with a creamy hibiscus frosting  all in one cake. The result was a delectable hibiscus frosted, earl grey tea cake, which I seriously hope you get to try because of how delicious it is. Who knew you could create something so good out of earl grey and zobo? If you end up making it, let me know how you get along. You might have to make an excess of hibiscus frosting because if you’re like me, you’ll be licking a lot of the frosting before it even gets on the cake!

Senegalese Sombi: An Easy Coconut Rice Pudding

Senegalese Sombi: An Easy Coconut Rice Pudding

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Sombi (Senegalese coconut rice pudding), is my favorite type of rice pudding. It is a very easy coconut rice pudding to make and is traditionally served warm, however in the warmer months it can also be served cold. Let me tell you why I serve it cold sometimes and how to make it.

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