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About Yummy Medley


A Bit About Us

I am Lois, and when I’m not cooking, coming up with recipes and taking pictures of all the delicious dishes you see here on Yummy Medley, I’m pursuing a PhD in the field of Nutrition Science. Femi is my husband, the techie, photo post-editor, ad-hoc post writer and taster of all Yummy Medley dishes. We both run Yummy Medley as a cohesive, sometimes argumentative, but always fun team. I usually joke that while I’m the “Yummy”, he’s the “.com” and the “Medley” is our combined force of analytical, adventurous and passionate love for food and eating.

I myself have always been passionate about food and cooking because of my mother’s influence in my life. My mom is a caterer who also loves to cook and to experiment with food, and when she handed over her passion for food to me, I grabbed it and made it my own. Meanwhile Femi who can cook just enough to save his life, does have a sophisticated taste palate because his mom also happens to be a great cook who tuned his taste buds well and since he had the great fortune of marrying me… well, let’s just say he has been spoiled with good food ever since.

Tropical, Hot, Big and Bold

We are lovers of Jesus Christ, food, family and a good time, and Yummy Medley is our outlet to share some of our fun stories through food.  As Africans living abroad, our main focus here is on African and Tropical foods that remind us of the strong tastes, flavors and aromas of home, and if you know Africans we are all about big bold flavors! We hope to present African and tropical foods in traditional and non-traditional forms, to bring diversity, variety, heat and loads of flavored fun to your dining table. So expect to see a range of dishes extending from our favorite Afro-tropical dishes from the Northern, Eastern, and especially Western (that’s where we’re from) regions of Africa to journeys into the Tropical Asian regions (featuring our favorite Malaysian, Indonesian, Thailand, Filipino and Vietnamese cuisine) and the occasional drop-off into our Afro-Caribbean cousins.

Sweets and Desserts

The only exception you might find is in our desserts. Yeah, there’s no classifying or discriminating against desserts. We just love them. That’s all it takes to have them on here really. You’ll find desserts on here are awesome, sinfully decadent, irresistible, from all around the globe, yet more often than not tinged with a touch of nostalgia. Also, while our drinks may sway towards the tropical side, they are non-alcoholic and always prepared with love as are all our recipes!

Seriously, we don’t play with our flavors!!

Welcome to Our Kitchen!

Our kitchen is a medley of fun and delicious meals influenced primarily by the continent of Africa, and also by the other wonderful cultures we have come across in our stay abroad, hence the name Yummy Medley. We tend to tweak our recipes to find the perfect marriage between African tastes (strong flavors and spicy), simplicity of preparation and meal sophistication. We are aware of great tasting dishes and flavors the world has not even encountered yet and are giddy at the prospect of having you discover how easy it is to prepare and enjoy them! You will find flavors here that will addict you. That’s a promise! We hope you will join us on this delicious roller coaster ride called the Yummy Medley kitchen, try our recipes and let us know when they rock your world.

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