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Welcome to Yummy Medley! My name is Lois AKA Ms. Yum, and I love food. I run Yummy Medley with my husband who is my techie and official food taster. My husband is  actually a really nice food taster, because if I cook something that’s not to his taste he doesn’t go all “cooking show judge” on me, he just eats in sad silence then goes to bed afterwards. Thankfully my diner table is almost never silent.

I am a food enthusiast, and I love experimenting and cooking all types of food, but African food has always been my favorite. This might be because I grew up eating all sorts of African dishes, and I am slightly biased as an African (can you guess what part of Africa I am from?) myself, or it just might be that African food is really delicious. I choose to believe that African food is absolutely delicious, and my goal with Yummy Medley is to share some of the deliciousness that the African continent has to offer. From the north, south east and west of Africa, there is always a delicious meal to be had, and here at Yummy Medley I am sure to be sharing them with you. So instead of my husband having all the yummy African delicacies to himself, I would like to share my kitchen medley with everyone.

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