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African Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes

The collection of all our favorite African vegan and vegetarian recipes! When thinking about African and vegan or vegetarian dishes, the few options that come to mind are exotic fruits and maybe salads. Typically, African and healthy food are commonly thought not to mix, but we’re here to dispel that myth! In other words, Healthy, delicious and yes, vegan or vegetarian African dishes  do exist and they taste amazing! These African vegetarian and vegan dishes  maximize the health benefits of native and contemporary African and Afro-tropical cuisine without any compromises on flavor! Highlighting vegan substitutions for regular African staples or a discovery of native dishes you didn’t realize were vegan, these recipes will make African cuisine accessible to our vegan and vegetarian fans!
Featuring favorites like AkaraPuff puff, Nigerian beans porridge or even vegan chick’n pie you’re sure to discover a new favorite to add to your healthy diet!