Coconut Caramel Cake

Sweets | May 10, 2017 | By


It is almost Mother’s day! I would like to say this cake is to celebrate all the moms for being “super woman” and I would also like to say this cake is dedicated to all the moms in my life; but no, this cake is dedicated to all the “not yet moms” of this world; not yet moms like me. So since I am dedicating this cake to myself essentially, I made my favorite combination: a deliciously moist and mouth watering coconut caramel cake.

Eat Ramen Noodles Like An African

Afro- Foods, Savory | March 20, 2015 | By

Africans eat Ramen noodles? Yes we do, not like you may think, but yes we love our Ramen. Instant Ramen is mostly popular in Western and Southern Africa, and the way we tend to eat our Ramen is usually different from the way the rest of the world eats Ramen. Here is how…

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