Alternative Chips & Fish Recipe: Tropical and Tasty!

Alternative Chips & Fish: Tropical and Tasty - fried perch with fried sweet potato cubes, fried taro root, and some plantain chips, ketchup and pepper mix on the side

While preparing this alternative chips & fish dish, I couldn’t help but think of my parents. Growing up, seafood was a big part of my life, not just because I ate it a lot, but because there are so many memories surrounding fish and chips and other seafood dishes that I would never forget in a hurry. My mother is originally from a coastal area of Nigeria, so seafood was always a tradition for her. I imagine that marrying my dad meant she got to share tons of interesting recipes with him because by the time I came around, my dad had already fallen in love with seafood himself.

9 Secrets to Extra Crispy Sweet Plantain Chips Every Time

Afro- Foods, Snacks, Sweets | March 10, 2015 | By

Plantain chips are one of my favorite snacks. I would choose sweet plantain chips over my favorite salt and vinegar potato chips any day, and if I am not too careful sometimes I can eat too much. For years now I tried to make plantain chips at home, just like my mom used to make them, but I was never successful until recently. Along the way, I picked up a few tips and tricks after my many failed attempts that are guaranteed to get crispy plantain chips every time. Trust me on this one, I’ve messed up enough times to know.

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