Fonio Cereal/Acha Pudding: the African Super Grain Porridge

Fonio is a drought resistant, gluten-free, nutritious (cystine and methionine loaded) ancient super grain mostly grown in the Western Sahel region of Africa, and this Acha pudding or fonio pudding recipe uses it in a delicious breakfast porridge which will absolutely blow your expectations of oatmeal away!

Fonio Cereal/Acha Pudding: the African Super Grain Cereal

Happy New Year! I took a brief break for the holidays but I am back!!! With the new year, I like a lot of people have quite a few new action plans. One of the plans I have for the year is to celebrate African food even more here on Yummy Medley, and to challenge you guys to break your diet norms and explore the world of African and Afro-Tropical food. In keeping with my new year resolve, I will be sharing with you the merits of one of Sub-Saharan Africa’s treasures, Fonio. Fonio is a drought resistant grain mostly grown in the Western Sahel region of Africa, and this fonio recipe uses it in a porridge consumed in diverse variations, and is referred to as Acha pudding or fonio cereal in Nigeria.

Fonio Cereal/Acha Pudding - ingredients and toppings for the fonio recipe


Thiakry is a sweet, creamy and mildly tangy dessert that is mostly native to Senegal and Gambia. I tried it out with real millet grains, and it was perfect!

The first time I saw Thiakry (pronounced cha-kry) at a Senegalese restaurant, I won’t lie, I kind of gave it a side eye. It looked like a boring porridge that was another version of tapioca, and I was guessed that I would not like it… was  I extra wrong. My friend who grew up eating Senegalese food was there with me, and ignored my skepticism and ordered the Thiakry anyway. Thank God for food envy, my longathroat led me to try her Thiakry, and I was sold since then.

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