Earl Grey Tea Cake with Hibiscus Frosting

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I love cake! Can you tell? This year, I purposed it in my heart to learn how to make great cakes, and this is my learning platform. Everyone who knows me, knows that I absolutely love tea! I am not talking about the simple yellow label stuff, but interesting fruit, herbal and unusual teas that have complex flavors you can enjoy without milk or sugar.
I had tea and cake all the time, and I loved both of them together not just separately, so the “stroke of genius” (not really, more like hunger) hit me one day after I had finished my cake and tea. What is the best way to enjoy both my loves at one time? Tea cake! Today, I am sharing the recipe for two of my favorite teas (one of them is technically a drink), all in one cake. The result was delectable, so I hope you do get to try it. If you end up making it, let me know how you get along.


Secrets to a stable and flaky meat pie crust

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I don’t know about you guys, but I am often very disappointed with the meat pie offerings at many of our African parties or weddings.  Eagerly anticipating the promise of various finger foods or “small chops” as we call them, I quickly spot the meat pie stash on a tray and proceed to grab one with the promise of the savory meaty goodness, only to bite into a mediocre filling and bready crust. Since my last meat pie recipe (which I admit was a bit standard… still great, but not a knock out), I have been toiling in the kitchen to bring you all the best fail-proof meat pie recipe. My requirements for perfection are:

  • A stable crust. I have no problems with flaky crusts especially since I am used to making flaky puff pastry, but I need the crust to be more stable. Regular puff pastry would be too delicate for this recipe most of the time.
  • Flaky crust. I also need the crust to be light and airy. I love meat pies, but tough dough pies are not my speed.


Peri Peri Chicken Under a Brick

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Once upon a time, I did not have access to a Nandos or any other peri peri chicken spot near me, and to satisfy the deep craving I had for proper peri peri, I had to learn to make it myself. Now I have a Nando’s about 30 minutes away from my house, but I still find myself coming back to this recipe, and frankly, I think I prefer it.


Jollof Couscous in 20 Minutes!

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Jollof couscous garnished with grape tomatoes and green onions on a plate with goat meat in the background

Hello people of the world! Today I have for you one of the most impressive, fancy looking but easy recipes to share. For those who have had the privilege of experiencing the deliciousness that is Jollof rice, for those who have never had Jollof rice, but want to jazz up their meals, for those who don’t really care… for anyone who can eat food, this recipe is for you.

Jollof couscous garnished with grape tomatoes and green onions with a plate of goat meat on the side


Ferrero Rocher White Chocolate Mud Cake

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A slice of Ferrero Rocher White Chocolate Mud Cake goodness on a plate with cake in the background

It has been over a year since I last shared any new recipes here on yummy medley. I apologize! As I am sure we would all agree, last year was very interesting for most people, and that includes Yummy Medley. This year, and beyond, I am back for good! I have so much to share with you guys, and I hope you will give me the chance to keep sharing my interesting recipes with you all.

I think I have missed the “Happy New Year!”greeting window by a couple of weeks, so in the spirit of all things capitalism and consumerist on to the next holiday: Valentine’s! If you cannot tell, I am a bit of a cynic when it comes to Valentine’s day marketing and stuff… its not because I don’t have a bae (I do… happily married), or I am not a fan of lovey dovey stuff (I am), but I really do not like the feeling of bombardment in any store I step into (including the thrift stores ya’ll… it’s bad) forcing me to buy the packaged love they are selling….. ugh!

I like the sentiment of Valentine’s day like most people would, a day to especially show your significant other or loved ones that they are loved; I can definitely stand behind that message. BUT, its kinda weird to have a specific day to buy red or pink colored things to show someone you love them just because advertising tells you too… err, weird…

All this to say, I do celebrate Valentine’s day, but not typically. My husband and I do not exchange gifts or go out to a restaurant (they are usually crowded anyway, and that is not romantic), but rather, we try to share our love in a creative way. This year, I baked a decadent ferrero rocher themed cake!

I had to do valentine’s day early this year because it’s on a Tuesday (a work day), and the weekend after that we have a conference to attend. So it was 2/11 for us. I shared this decadent Ferrero Rocher White Chocolate Mud Cake not just with my husband, but also with my sister and some of my friends… sharing the love you know.

Wear your stretchy pants for this one, cos you either are having this as your cheat meal or you don’t care about your waist line. This cake has a white chocolate mud sponge, chocolate hazelnut ganache frosting, crunchy hazelnut praline pieces, and is decorated with Ferrero Rocher, drip milk chocolate ganache, and for an extra fancy flare, I dusted the cake with edible gold luster dust. As complicated as it sounds, it is a very EASY recipe to put together…. it just takes a bit of time.

Here are the recipes:


Fan Girl Moment: Steve’s Kitchen Cooked My Food!!!!!

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I am so excited, I can barely type. One of my big inspirations in the kitchen for a few years now has been Steve Owens from Steve’s Kitchen. I even shared on of his recipes here a while back. I found him after I had looked all over for clotted cream to go with my scones and could not find any. I bumped into his recipe for clotted cream after I thought of making it myself, and ever since then I’ve been glued to his channel. He has always been a big inspiration to me, and I remember being so excited when he replied a comment of mine on one of his YouTube videos. My point is, I consider myself an OG Steve Owens fan. So the excitement that hit me when he decided to cook one of my African recipes was as you could imagine, overflowing. If you don’t know Steve’s Kitchen,you need to come out from the rock you’ve been hiding under and go subscribe to his YouTube channel, trust me his channel is on point, not just because of his bright chef’s jackets, or even his fun personality, but also because of his recipes. So here is Steve, cooking my Cameroonian Fish rolls.

He and his wife have been living the dream and are currently traveling the world… talk about goals!


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Hello Everyone!!

Its been almost six month since my last post here on Yummy Medley. AHHHH!!!! I know in the blog world I might as well have retired. Well, a whole slew of less than perfect events have happened in the past few months, and I must admit I have been extremely distracted by them. I will not share too many of the stories, as some of them are a little sensitive but I’ll tell you one.

I will call this the really unfortunate but blessed week. Over this summer, one of the more wonderful things that I cherished was my mom and sisters visiting.


It was really awesome having them over, despite the seemingly tight space in my house (my mom and all four of my sisters came over), there was never a dull moment, and you can be sure that there was always good food. On this less than perfect week, my mom and one of my sisters had to catch a flight back home from New York. I do not live in New York, so we had to journey down for them to catch their flight. After much hustle and bustle, they missed their flight, and we had to re-book for the next available flight two days later. Instead of going all the way back home, we decided to book a hotel in New York for two night so we could make it to the airport in time. About the hotel… it was far less than ideal. At this point I was not only spending much more than I bargained for something I wasn’t excited about, but I also felt the ugly friend known as travelers constipation creeping up due to the type of food I was subjected to eating(sorry for the TMI), so I was really uncomfortable.

Anyway, fast forward past all the stress of international flights, and the journey back to Maryland, I got home only to prepare to leave for a conference in a few hours. Thankfully, the conference was somewhat relaxing and I got to be around great people. Well, on getting back home from the conference, my husband and I caught a few seconds of our carbon-monoxide alarm, before the battery died reacting on instinct, my husband called the fire department after our apartment services decided to react somewhat non-nonchalantly to the incident. We were not allowed in our apartment for a while, and the fire department condemned our stove. For almost a whole week we had to live on take ways, microwave diners and some fruit here and there. At this point, my natural instinct was to react based on my stress levels and to complain and cry; but I was gently reminded that it was better for me to spend extra money on food, than for me to have missed the carbon monoxide alarm by a few seconds.

At this point, in the midst of my trials, I thank God for life, and for the little blessing He has surrounded me with. I am happy to say though that I will be back on the recipe grind, and although there are still life events that seem bigger than me, I have a God who is greater than anything I face, and is on my side.

Next up… a delicious recipe would not want to miss.

Sombi: Senegalese Coconut Rice Pudding


Sombi (Senegalese coconut rice pudding), is my favorite type of rice pudding. It is traditionally served warm, however in the warmer months it can also be served cold. Let me tell you why I serve it cold sometimes and how to make it.


Cameroonian Fish Rolls


When I had fish rolls as a kid they sucked! My mom never made fish rolls, and the ones that I bought from street vendors and fancy restaurants sucked! Then I grew up and made friends from Cameroon that made awesome fish rolls; nothing like what I had as a kid. A perfect combination of a crisp and light crust with a savory fish filling. Let me tell you the story of how I shifted from hating fish rolls and share the recipe that made me fall in love with them.


East African Keema Chapatis

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Keema Chapatis are kind of amazing. There is really little to say about it. What’s so amazing about this amazing stuffed flat bread?… Let me tell you.


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